Monday, November 22, 2010

Postcard Swap: ILLINOIS, MISSISSIPPI, MONTANA: 17-19 of 50

Fun Facts from the back of the postcards:
The state slogan is "Land of Lincoln"
The worlds first skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1885.
The Sears Tower, located in Chicago, is the tallest building in North America (it was world's tallest building from 1973 to 1996).
The Chicago River is dyed green on St. Patrick's Day!

Mississippi: (the funnest word to spell)
MS is dominated by its rivers (such as the Mississippi and the Tennessee-Tombigbee) and coastal beaches. MS has rich cultural heritage with its contribution to the blues and many great writers, such as Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, and John Grisham. Opra Winfrey was born and raised in MS, as was Elvis Presley, James Earl Jones, and B.B. King.
Columbus, along with many other MS cities, is proud of its extensive collection of antebellum homes. Pilgrimage is the name for the time of year when the owners of these homes open them for tours.

Has the largest migratory Elk population in the nation. MT is home to 7 Native American Reservations. Elk, deer and antelope outnumber the humans! Over 1 million people visit Yellowstone & Glacier Parks annually!

Every week a family from a different state sends out their postcards (in theory we should receive 1 card each week). Click the Topic link "Postcard Swap" below to see the other cards we have gotten so far!


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