Monday, November 15, 2010

Ginger Got a Whisker Cut

The other day, I picked up my kitty Ginger to give her some luvin and when I looked at her face I noticed something odd. Hubby was sitting next to me and I asked him "What's wrong with her whiskers? Don't they look weird, like they have been cut"?

Sure enough, I asked my daughter and she confessed.... She had decided Ginger needed a "hair cut"...
I explained to her why cats need their whiskers and that was not nice of her to cut them... What's really odd, is that both sides were done, so obviously Ginger sat still long enough for Princess to cut both sides... I would think it would hurt her... Poor kitty...
Needless to say, the scissors that Princess had with her art stuff have since been taken away from her.
Ginger looks grumpy in the picture, only because I was disturbing her nap time trying to get a picture of her shortened whiskers, she is a very sweet cat.


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