Friday, October 01, 2010

Missing, Everyone...

One of the many trials with Military Life is that we always seem to be far away from family. Especially now, were out in the middle of the ocean.
At out last duty station, I made a very good friend, the kind of friend who you instantly "click" with and whom you can confide in. It made it harder to move knowing I may never see her again. We try our best to keep in touch, but she is a single mom with two kids and she works a lot. Not to mention there is a 5 hour time difference between us, so it makes it hard to catch each other on the phone.

I do have one good friend here so far, my neighbor S. But again, I know, eventually we will both move from here... Its the same scenario with my old friends from my "hometown" its hard to keep in touch. At least there's Facebook right, LOL. How would we all keep in touch without Facebook???

Anyway, its hard, not getting to see our families on a regular basis. But, that's the way it goes. If I only had a money tree, then I could afford to fly everyone out here to visit...

Mrs. Marine


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  1. We grew up as a military family and I can identify. My mom actually opened up less and less as we all got older. It become too hard on her to move again and again. I know it's not easy and I can't imagine being a mom in those shoes...we'll move but not as often as I did as a child. But, in the end the comfort and closeness you can have with your spouse & children will ROCK and be great. You have each other and the dream team of bloggers!!! Good to meet you & great post! B


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