Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Welcome to the Neighborhood Baby G!

This is Baby G, my neighbor S, went into labor Monday evening and Baby G was born early yesterday morning! I cant wait to meet her later today when they bring her home and get my "baby fix"!!! Who doesn't love babies?! She is just so darn cute I had to share with all of you!
O-and by the way, if your admiring the cute bow headband she is wearing, her mamma makes them by hand! There totally adorable and not just with bows, she makes flowers, ribbons, barrettes, anything you would want to put on your little girls head! Check out her Etsy shop: "Sprinkle Me Pretty"

Mrs. Marine



  1. What a cutie pie! I can smell that new baby smell from here!
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up. It's so nice to "see" you again. I've been on a little bit of a blogging break, but I'm back. :) Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  2. Beautiful! I forget that newborns are so small... they get big so fast.

  3. Pretty li'l one in pink!
    My heart easily melts when it comes to babies :)

    Sreisaat Adventures

  4. So, so sweet! Give her a cuddle for me. I love that bow! What a creative mama she has.

  5. congratulations to the neighbors! She is adorable!

  6. She is beautiful! I love the bow =)

  7. Oh I love babies....She a cutie pie. I really miss military life and great neighbors. Have fun spoiling her. Your neighbor is blessed indeed.

  8. Oh my goodness, that photo made me smile so big! Adorable!

  9. Awwww! She's SO precious! I'm a little jealous you're going to get a baby fix! ;)

    WW: Goofy Contortionist

  10. She is CUTE!
    THanks for the Linky! We are following you now.

  11. Beautiful. Man, that is a HUGE bow on her head. LOL. Still cute though.

    Happy WW!


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