Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Parties, Potty Training, Pink Eye and Planes....

Busy, busy, busy!
Hubby has been on leave the last two weeks. He went back to work yesterday. Luckily for him he was off work because a few days after he got back he got some kind of viral infection in just his left eye. It wasn't pink eye, but looked like it, minus the goop. Its finally starting to get better and there is actually white in that eye.

We had two birthday parties over the weekend... One Saturday for one of Princess's school friends and another Sunday at our neighbors. Two in one weekend is a little much for me...

I have officially begun potty training Bobo. At first he was very exited about it all and wanted to "Go Peep" constantly. The novelty wore off quickly and now hes kinda back and forth. But its a work in progress.

Friday evening I (just me) am flying "home" to Colorado for a wedding on Saturday, then I leave late Sunday morning. Hubby will be alone with the kids for the weekend! This will be the first time hes ever been alone with both kids for more than a few hours. Haha. Hubby's getting a taste of my life for about 53 hours.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Hope his eye is better. Potty training wasn't easy with either of my kids. Zoe has been potty trained since March, and still has to wear a diaper at night:( Not sure how to get her to stop wetting at night. It's a pain. Have a great time at the wedding:)

  2. My whole family is trying to encourage me to potty train mine, and she's only 14 months!! That's a task I don't even what to think about undertaking this young. Hope it goes well for you!


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