Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why are kids so messy? Crumbs Crumbs Everywhere!

Silly me, I had thought once my daughter got a little older (she's 7) she would learn to be less of a messy eater... WHAT WAS I THINKING?
Granted its not this bad (Bobo was never that bad, luckily).
(I have a picture somewhere where the entire tray and her face is smeared with red sauce, but I couldn't find it)
Thank goodness for my (rhymes with Twiffer) Vac. I love that thing! It works great too! I pretty much use it to clean crumbs off the floor after every meal. Between the two kids they make a mess. Princess freaks out whenever she gets crumbs under her legs. We have a island in the kitchen with 4 bar-stools on one side of it and that's where the kids always eat. With Daddy gone we eat dinner there as well. Its easier on Mommy not to have to run back and forth through the kitchen to the dining room table. Not to mention then the crums stay in one location instead of all over = less mess for Mommy as well. When do kids stop beeing such messy eaters? Some, probably never, my husband still makes a mess sometimes... There's no hope.

Mrs. Marine



  1. So cute! :) Doncha just love the phase when eating is a contact sport? LOL!

  2. Never lol. I vacuum the carpet at least 5 times a day under the dining room table...cute photo!

  3. I was going to say that sometimes they NEVER stop being messy. But I thought it was only BOYS that were that way... my hubby is such a slob when he eats still, and my youngest boy (who is 18 years old) eats so fast that there he makes such a mess, it is unbelievable.
    Good luck!


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