Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Uncertain Life of a Military Wife

You would think after 7 deployments and 8 years of marriage in the Marine Corp that I would get used to the "not knowing", the uncertainty. That I would learn to ignore the rumors (or that my husband would stop telling me the rumors). But after all this time, its still drives me crazy... I have however learned to take any rumors with a grain of salt...
This 7th deployment is finally coming to a close (eventually). Not that I have any idea of the exact day my husband will be home. The rumors keep flying and info keeps changing. There given a "window" of dates when they will be back which keeps changing from two different possibilities... Its very annoying and always drives me crazy.... Is is too much to ask them to just tell me the day my husband will be home? The "higher-up" always seem to make a decision, tell everyone what it is, then change it a few weeks later, UGH!

With the kids, I learned early on not to tell our daughter ANYTHING as to when Daddy will get back until I know with ABSOLUTE certainty. Like, when were driving to pick him up... Which I have done that, its fun to surprise her! She doesn't have a greatest concept of time anyway. I do tell her the month or general time frame in which he will be back. With our son, he's too little to understand so I dont tell him anything until we are getting in the car to go get Daddy.

Mrs. Marine


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  1. It is hard to get used to all the little things and it annoys you because this is part of your heart and you love and want to see him.

    Most of our family is in the military and the chain of commanding bureaucracy never changes.

    My best friend had to deal with that when her husband used to be deployed.
    It's hard on the kids too. I like how you handle that.


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