Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally a Solution to Our Potty Troubles

I have mentioned in several post before about Princess's potty troubles. The primary problem is, it just doesn't bother her to sit in wet underwear. She has made it the habit to pee a little bit in her underwear, then decide to go to the bathroom (if even then). It's to the point that her undies almost never stay dry all day. Also she wont change her wet clothes on her own, she has to be told, and since she usually only pees a little, its not obvious that she is wet by just looking at her bottom. If I ask her if she is wet, she wont tell me the truth if she is...
We have tried a watch with a timer which she uses at school (whenever the timer goes off she goes to the bathroom). At home, I have had the timer set to go off anywhere from every 20 minutes to 2 hours. Nothing seems to be full proof.
I have seen potty alarms and such online before and finally decided to try one. (By the way, this is not a paid post, I am not getting anything for writing this, which is why there is not direct link to the product). What I wanted is something that has a sensor on the underwear that will detect even a little bit of moisture and set off an alarm. This way, I know and she knows that she is starting to pee in her underwear and I can make her go to the bathroom.
These type of alarms are meant to help bed-wetters (which is also a problem, she wears pull-ups at night, for now, one goal at a time). Most of the alarms I saw only had one little clip that attached to underwear in one little spot and there were wires attaching the sensor to the alarm. That wont work for us, it had to be something that she could wear all day comfortably and an alarm that I would be sure to hear because it would be near me instead of near her where she could turn it off without me knowing.
I found one! It has "special" underwear that have sensors running through them (that feel like an extra seem in the cloth, there still soft), there wireless and the alarm plugs in wherever I need it to be.
Princess has been wearing them for one week now and there working GREAT!! She is staying dry all day long and I know this for a Fact! She gets praise and rewards for staying dry and she is exited to be doing well!!! In case your wondering, the product I got is the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm System. It is somewhat expensive, but to me, its well worth it.


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