Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bumblebee in the Bathtub

O-the Joys of Raising a Boy.
I was giving my son a bath this afternoon and he was staring at the appendage between his legs... Out of nowhere he says "OH, OH, its a Bumblebee, its gonna get me!!"
I started laughing so hard... My daughter heard me from her bedroom and of course asks "Why are you laughing, whats so funny?"

It was a little cold in the bathroom and so "it" looked a little different to him than it usually does which is I think what caught his attention...

First a Dinosaur, now a Bumblebee...
One day several months ago I was changing his diaper and our of nowhere he says "Rrrooaaarrrrrr, Dinosaur Pee-pee!!!!"


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