Saturday, July 31, 2010

August Scentsy of the Month!

Every month Scentsy Wickless Candles has a new warmer and scent for the month that's not in the regular catalog and its offered for the entire month at 10% off! Visit My Scentsy web site to order
The name of this months warmer is Boho Chic (top image). The Scent is Citrus Sun Tea! The scent of the month is available in; Scentsy wax bar (3.2 oz) or brick (16 oz), room spray and Hanging Freshener (bottom image)!

"Conjuring images of porch swings and the
whirring of oscillating fans on a hot summer
day, Citrus Sun Tea combines Southern-style
sweet tea with zesty citrus and lemongrass."

 Stay tuned the 1st of every Month for a New Warmer and Scent!

Mrs. Marine

Friday, July 30, 2010

Our First Year in Hawaii

One year ago today we arrived in Hawaii, we have 2 more years left here! The day we arrived, we were welcomed to the island with pouring rain. So, on the drive from the airport to the base I didn't get much of a view. But the next morning we were all awake early (jet-lag sucks) and decided to go to breakfast off base. The sun was shining and I got to see some of the beautiful mountains first hand, and the ocean of course! A whole year, and I am still in awe of the mountains here, there just amazing and so different from the Rocky Mountains I grew up with! It doesn't seem like we have been here that long...

This is our 3rd and Definitely by far our best duty station yet!!! 3rd times a charm for us!
It can be tough (exiting, stressful, interesting, crazy) moving every 3 years. We not only move to a new house, but a new, city, state, time zone. Island, in this case.
My family moved every few years growing up, so I guess I'm kinda used to it. Although we were always in the same general location of Colorado. The longest I ever remember staying in one place was when I was 14-19 years old.

We have yet to do a lot of the "touristy" stuff. But Hubby has been gone for over half the time we have been here and I want to do things together as a family. Plus, I didn't want to do all the tourist stuff right away anyway, I had wanted to spread it out over the 3 years that were here. Also, I figure whenever my family comes out to visit they will want to do that kind of stuff, then I will be seeing it for the first time along with them! Makes it more fun for me!

Mrs. Marine

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aloha Friday #32 Houses

Aloha Friday
This Weeks Question:
What's the longest amount of time you have lived in one house?

A: When I was a teenager we lived in the same house for about 6 years. Check out Tomorrow's post for more details. As of tomorrow we have been in Hawaii for 1 year! 2 more to go!

Answer my question in a comment. Play along, write your own "Aloha Friday" post then leave your link with Mr. Linky and Ill be sure to stop by and answer your question!
What's Aloha Friday? It all started at An Island Life In Hawaii, Friday is the day to relax and take it easy. So, I take it easy on posting!

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Mrs. Marine

The Uncertain Life of a Military Wife

You would think after 7 deployments and 8 years of marriage in the Marine Corp that I would get used to the "not knowing", the uncertainty. That I would learn to ignore the rumors (or that my husband would stop telling me the rumors). But after all this time, its still drives me crazy... I have however learned to take any rumors with a grain of salt...
This 7th deployment is finally coming to a close (eventually). Not that I have any idea of the exact day my husband will be home. The rumors keep flying and info keeps changing. There given a "window" of dates when they will be back which keeps changing from two different possibilities... Its very annoying and always drives me crazy.... Is is too much to ask them to just tell me the day my husband will be home? The "higher-up" always seem to make a decision, tell everyone what it is, then change it a few weeks later, UGH!

With the kids, I learned early on not to tell our daughter ANYTHING as to when Daddy will get back until I know with ABSOLUTE certainty. Like, when were driving to pick him up... Which I have done that, its fun to surprise her! She doesn't have a greatest concept of time anyway. I do tell her the month or general time frame in which he will be back. With our son, he's too little to understand so I dont tell him anything until we are getting in the car to go get Daddy.

Mrs. Marine

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Crazy Ginger

My cat is obsessed with boxes of any kind...

Mrs. Marine

Bumblebee in the Bathtub

O-the Joys of Raising a Boy.
I was giving my son a bath this afternoon and he was staring at the appendage between his legs... Out of nowhere he says "OH, OH, its a Bumblebee, its gonna get me!!"
I started laughing so hard... My daughter heard me from her bedroom and of course asks "Why are you laughing, whats so funny?"

It was a little cold in the bathroom and so "it" looked a little different to him than it usually does which is I think what caught his attention...

First a Dinosaur, now a Bumblebee...
One day several months ago I was changing his diaper and our of nowhere he says "Rrrooaaarrrrrr, Dinosaur Pee-pee!!!!"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aloha Friday #31 School Supplies

Aloha Friday
This Weeks Question:
Is is just my imagination, or is shopping for school supplies a pain in the butt?

A: No, it sucks, the lists are ridiculous.

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What's Aloha Friday? It all started at An Island Life In Hawaii, Friday is the day to relax and take it easy. So, I take it easy on posting!

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Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally a Solution to Our Potty Troubles

I have mentioned in several post before about Princess's potty troubles. The primary problem is, it just doesn't bother her to sit in wet underwear. She has made it the habit to pee a little bit in her underwear, then decide to go to the bathroom (if even then). It's to the point that her undies almost never stay dry all day. Also she wont change her wet clothes on her own, she has to be told, and since she usually only pees a little, its not obvious that she is wet by just looking at her bottom. If I ask her if she is wet, she wont tell me the truth if she is...
We have tried a watch with a timer which she uses at school (whenever the timer goes off she goes to the bathroom). At home, I have had the timer set to go off anywhere from every 20 minutes to 2 hours. Nothing seems to be full proof.
I have seen potty alarms and such online before and finally decided to try one. (By the way, this is not a paid post, I am not getting anything for writing this, which is why there is not direct link to the product). What I wanted is something that has a sensor on the underwear that will detect even a little bit of moisture and set off an alarm. This way, I know and she knows that she is starting to pee in her underwear and I can make her go to the bathroom.
These type of alarms are meant to help bed-wetters (which is also a problem, she wears pull-ups at night, for now, one goal at a time). Most of the alarms I saw only had one little clip that attached to underwear in one little spot and there were wires attaching the sensor to the alarm. That wont work for us, it had to be something that she could wear all day comfortably and an alarm that I would be sure to hear because it would be near me instead of near her where she could turn it off without me knowing.
I found one! It has "special" underwear that have sensors running through them (that feel like an extra seem in the cloth, there still soft), there wireless and the alarm plugs in wherever I need it to be.
Princess has been wearing them for one week now and there working GREAT!! She is staying dry all day long and I know this for a Fact! She gets praise and rewards for staying dry and she is exited to be doing well!!! In case your wondering, the product I got is the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm System. It is somewhat expensive, but to me, its well worth it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Brain is Going to Explode

I've had so much on my mind lately its driving me crazy...
Its finally down to a number of weeks until Hubby gets home (due to his deployment getting cut short)!!!

I have spent the last week trying to arrange a quick weekend trip for just myself to go home for a wedding next month. I didn't think I was going to be able to make it but Hubby and I worked it out. We cant afford for all of us to go and Hubby cant take off work. So Ill be leaving on a Friday evening and returning Sunday evening. QUICK. But better quick than not at all. It will be kinda weird being kid-free for a weekend...

Those are just the minor things on my brain right now... There is something else as well, but I'm not ready to mention it yet...

Also I really need to start potty training Bobo, I've been talking about it for weeks and I just keep putting it off. I'm just not looking forward to the process, I only hope he is easier than Princess was...

On another note, I am currently re-reading (for the second time) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Part 1 of the movie comes out in November (I embedded the trailer at the bottom of my blog)!!! Its been quite a while since I read it and there is so much in the book, that I needed to read it again before I see the move!

Mrs. Marine

Postcard Swap: Idaho 8 of 50

This arrived in yesterdays mail, it got here quick!
The back of the postcard:
State Capitol: Boise
Idaho is the #1 producer of potatoes (about 27 billion annually) as well as trout and lentils.
Idaho has 3,100 miles of rivers - more than any other US state. The deepest river gorge in North America is Hells Canyon in Idaho. At 7,900 feet, it's deeper than the Grand Canyon. Shoshone Falls (near Twin Falls, Idaho) drops 52 feet further than Niagara Falls.
State Bird: Mountain Bluebird
State Fish: Cutthroat Trout
State Flower: Syringa
State Motto: "Esto Perpetua" (Let it be perpetual)
State Tree: Western White Pine

Every week a family from a different state sends out their postcards (in theory we should receive 1 card each week). Click the Topic link "Postcard Swap" below to see the other cards we have gotten so far!

Mrs. Marine

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wordless (Wordful) Wednesday - Postcard Swap: Hawaii "thats us" 7 of 50

Last week was our week of the swap to send postcards!
When I went to buy our postcards there was a great selection to choose from and there was no way I could pick just one so I just started grabbing one of each and counting until I had 51 (got extra just in case). I only have a few that are the same. When I went to check out, the girl at the register was not too happy with me because she had to scan each postcard individually...
The postcard above is my favorite. We have lived here almost a year now and I am still in awe with the mountains. There just so amazing and beautiful. Here are some more of the postcards we sent off:
I wanted "Fun Facts" to write on our postcards, so, I turned to Google! I only wish I had more room to write.

Our postcard message:
"The Aloha State"
"Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959. There are 8 major islands.  Haleakala Crater (Ha-lay-ah-ja-lah) on Maui is the world's largest dormant Volcano and Kilauea Volcano on The Big Island is the world's most active. Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows coffee. Aloha!"

More Fun Facts:
-Hawaii is the only U.S. state whose land area is increasing (from volcanic eruptions).
-There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet. Vowels: A, E, I, O, U - Consonants: H, K, L, M, N, P, W
-Hawaii is the most isolated population center on Earth. It is 2,390 miles (3,850 km) from California, 3,850 miles (6,195 km) from Japan and 4,900 miles (7,885 km) from China.
-Hawaii has its own time zone. It’s called Hawaiian Standard Time. There is no daylight savings time in Hawaii, which means that in summer, Hawaii is three hours behind the U.S. West Coast, while in winter, Hawaii is two hours behind the U.S. West Coast. (Which makes it very annoying trying to keep track of what time it is where our families and friends live).
-More than one-third of the world's commercial supply of pineapples comes from Hawaii. The Dole Plantation is on the Island of Oahu which has the World's Largest Botanical Maze.
-Flip-flops are called slippers
-Appetizers are called Pupus
-Mahalo means Thank You
-Aloha means affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an English greeting to say goodbye and hello.

State Motto: Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono (The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness)
State Flower: Hibiscus (yellow)
State Bird: Nene (Hawaiian Goose)
State Song: "Hawaii Ponoi"
State Tree: Kukui (Candlenut)
State Mammal: Humpback Whale
State Fish: Humuhumunukunukuapua`a also known as the rectangular triggerfish

We still need a few more Families to participate in the Postcard swap from: Florida, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Vermont & Wyoming - Email me if you would like to participate.

Mrs. Marine

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why are kids so messy? Crumbs Crumbs Everywhere!

Silly me, I had thought once my daughter got a little older (she's 7) she would learn to be less of a messy eater... WHAT WAS I THINKING?
Granted its not this bad (Bobo was never that bad, luckily).
(I have a picture somewhere where the entire tray and her face is smeared with red sauce, but I couldn't find it)
Thank goodness for my (rhymes with Twiffer) Vac. I love that thing! It works great too! I pretty much use it to clean crumbs off the floor after every meal. Between the two kids they make a mess. Princess freaks out whenever she gets crumbs under her legs. We have a island in the kitchen with 4 bar-stools on one side of it and that's where the kids always eat. With Daddy gone we eat dinner there as well. Its easier on Mommy not to have to run back and forth through the kitchen to the dining room table. Not to mention then the crums stay in one location instead of all over = less mess for Mommy as well. When do kids stop beeing such messy eaters? Some, probably never, my husband still makes a mess sometimes... There's no hope.

Mrs. Marine

Friday, July 09, 2010


Scentsy fans have voted! Available during the month of July the all time favorite retired fragrances will return as part of Scentsy’s Bring Back My Bar promotion! Stock up now–we don’t know if they’ll be makinganother appearance again anytime soon!

Pears come first, then crisp fall apples. 
Fall/Winter Collection.

Right from the oven with ripe bananas, nuts, and spices. 
Bakery Collection.

Juicy, ripe, bursting blackberries. 
Fruits and Flowers Collection.

A warm cup of espresso with frothy steamed milk and creamy vanilla. 
Favorites Collection. 

This sheer floral bouquet combines Moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley, and bergamot. 
Romance Collection.
Sunny lemon, white grapefruit, and mandarin with French verbena and wildflowers. 

With warm, spicy tones of nutmeg, rum, and cream, this scent is a holiday favorite. 
Fall/Winter Collection. 

Soothing, medicinal, and fresh.
Nature Collection. 

Sweet, buttery vanilla. 
Bakery Collection. 

Vanilla with a nutty touch, along with cinnamon and caramel. 
Bakery Collection. 

Lime and kiwi combine for a south-of-the border sweet treat. 
Scent of the Month. 

Rich leather scent reminiscent of an old-fashioned leather shop.
Spring/Summer Collection. 

Light, creamy lemon. 
Fruits and Flowers Collection.
Spicy, fresh and woody, this masculine fragrance evokes strength and vitality.
Romance Collection. 

Dreamy scent that evokes memories of cradling your little ones. 
Favorites Collection.
Hawaiian island blossoms with exotic delicacy. 

Pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. 
Fall/Winter Collection. 

Tempting mix of cinnamon, coconut milk, and rich vanilla. 
Bakery Collection. 
A fruity delight of juicy strawberries sprinkled with sugar and vanilla. 
Fruits and Flowers Collection. 

Sweet, vine-ripened watermelon. 
Fruits and Flowers Collection. 

$5 each or combine and save:
Scentsy 3-Pack
3 Scentsy Bars of your choice
$14 ($1 savings)

Scentsy 6-Pack
Buy 5 Scentsy Bars, get 1 FREE
$25 ($5 savings)

Mrs. Marine

Postcard Swap: Delaware 6 of 50

We finally got another postcard in the mail a few days ago.

The back of the postcard reads:
Delaware became the first state on December 7, 1787
Delaware is the lowest state at 60' above sea level

About the picture: 
Southern Delaware Lighthouses
Bottom Left: Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse
Upper Left: Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse
Upper Right: Harbor of Refuge Breakwater Lighthouse
Bottom Right: Fenwick Island Lighthouse
Center: Lightship Overfalls

Every week a family from a different state sends out their postcards (in theory we should receive 1 card each week). Click the Topic link "Postcard Swap" below to see the other cards we have gotten so far!

Mrs. Marine

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Sand Art

The Grandparents sent a sand art kit for Princess and I. We had fun making them!
I super-glued the lids on so that she can keep some of them in her room and I dont have to worry about them being accidentally pored out anywhere.

Mrs. Marine

Monday, July 05, 2010

I'm a Twihard

In case you didn't figure it out by my recent Wordless Wednesday and Aloha Friday posts, I'm a Big Twilight Fan! I have read all the books, twice. I lost count of how many times I have watched the Twilight and New Moon movies. I got to go see Eclipse last Wednesday, it was awesome!! I went with my neighbor S. while her husband watched the kids. I would totally go see it again right now if I could!! I cant wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch it whenever I want!
It occurred to me the other day, now that Eclipse is out, I'm sure the filming of Breaking Dawn will begin soon. There is a location in the books where certain characters are on a beautiful, secluded, tropical island (if you read the books you know who and where I'm talking about). I wonder what actual location that will be filmed at? It would be TOTALLY awesome if it was here in Hawaii! I would so become a stalker. I brought this up last night to S. and she was trying to pop my bubble saying it wouldn't be here. I would think it would be easier filming if it was in the US, so why not here! Its perfect! And then maybe, just maybe, I would be so lucky to run into Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart! Ive never meet anyone famous before.
Just say it, I'm a dork, I dont care... I'm a Twihard!

Mrs. Marine

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Aloha Friday #30 How are you celebrating Independence Day?

Aloha Friday
This Weeks Question:
What are you doing on Sunday, July 4th?

A: I still have no idea if were going to do anything. Hubby's gone, and I like to watch fireworks, I dont want to be the one setting them off, I would burn myself. Not to mention, Bobo doesn't like loud noises, he gets scared.

Answer my question in a comment. Play along, write your own "Aloha Friday" post then leave your link with Mr. Linky and Ill be sure to stop by and answer your question!
What's Aloha Friday? It all started at An Island Life In Hawaii, Friday is the day to relax and take it easy. So, I take it easy on posting!

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