Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Update Your GPS Online

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I learned something new today and found a site that will make getting where I need to go a little easier, check out: www.updateyourmap.com
I had assumed my GPS would update on its own via the satellite signal, but apparently I can update it online, which is great! Although I bought it less than a year ago, some addresses and places of business are already outdated. There have been many times when it’s taken me to an address that's not actually there. Also I've been out and about and wanted to find the closest Fast-Food Restaurant, gas station, etc. and so I look one up on the GPS but it’s no longer there. Not to mention the fact that the GPS doesn’t recognize my address because our neighborhood and streets are new. It’s a good think I know how to get to my own house, once I’m on base that is….
It’s easy, to update your GPS go to www.updateyourmap.com Register your GPS, if you haven’t already, connect it to a USB port on your computer then click away to update the software and maps.
We decided we needed a GPS when we moved to Hawaii. We were warned before we even arrived that the roads were confusing. I personally am terrible with directions, I love the GPS. I only wish we would have gotten one sooner. I definitely could have used one when we lived in Virginia. Sometimes I have to go to the other side of the island (30 minutes away) to appointments and having the GPS has been a lifesaver! I am still learning my way around the cities outside the base. In a little over 2 years we will move again and I will have to start all over again not knowing where anything is…
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