Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Packaging is Ridiculous, Annoying, Excessive, Frustrating, Just plain ticks me off

Today I finally got around to taking the kids shopping with the Birthday money they were given by my Mother.
They had $50 each. Princess was very exited to get to pick out whatever she wanted! I helped Bobo pick his stuff out, he got a bunch of different cars! One of the items Princess got was a baby doll that talks and sings.
The way this doll was packaged is somewhat disturbing. Usually I can manage to cut the wires with scissors but not this time, so I had to un-twist them all.... UGH... (All the while, Princess keeps telling her Baby, "Its OK Baby, I'm going to get you out") There were wires around the dolls neck, both wrists, feet, legs, and both her pig-tails. REALLY, is all that necessary?!? Toy manufactures come up with the coolest toys these days but they cant come up with a better - Less frustrating/annoying - way to package the toys? Especially the dolls so it doesn't look like there being tortured.
Princess also picked out a Barbie, which was a little easier. There were rubber bands binding the Barbie into her box which are easy to cut. But still the annoying strip holding the hair down.

The last two Christmas's hubby and I opened whatever packaging we could on toys "Before" we wrapped them. That way, Christmas morning your not stuck doing it all morning. Hands are free to take pictures and kids are happy to be able to play with their toys right out of the box!



  1. What a great idea! Santa is gonna go crazy with the scissors.
    I am thinking that maybe your doll has issues...and no one would want to buy a doll in a straight jacket, maybe? Keep an eye on that one...wink.

  2. Hey some 12 year old kids puts all those things on...would you want to put them out of work...hahha

  3. You are SO right... Last Christmas, lucky grandma and grandpa took their turns unwinding those horid twistie-ties so my step-son and DIL got to have fun with our grandson, too.
    What a freakin' nightmare!!
    The person who came up with those things did not have children and hates parents.


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