Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some People Shouldnt Be Parents

We have one of those particular people in my neighborhood. This one instance happened a few weeks ago and it keeps popping into my head so I must post about it. I figure its Highly unlikely this person reads my blog, even if they do, I really dont care...
The housing is set up so that there are two rows of houses facing each other (8 houses on each side), with community space in between. If I go out my front door and walk a dozen or so feet straight forward I will end up on someone else's front doorstep. There is a sidewalk leading from each door with a long sidewalk down the middle of the houses. There are streets behind the houses where our garages are and and at each end of the row.
A few weeks ago, one of the neighborhood moms was out in the community area setting up a slip-in-slide ON THE SIDEWALK. Yes, that's right, she thought it was a good idea to put it directly on the sidewalk. Why would you think its a good idea to have your child run and jump onto cement, a piece of plastic isn't going to soften it up?
Luckily one of my other neighbors saw what she was doing and informed her that is was NOT a good idea. So she then moved it onto the grass.Some people just dont have any common since.
(I had to do a diagram so this all makes since: green-grass, gray-sidewalk, obviously)
The red rectangle is where the slip-in-slide got moved too. Still not the safest place, but luckily the kids are young and dont really get/cant do the running-sliding part.

This is just one of the instances involving this persons lack of parenting ability.
The oldest child, who's 5 I believe, is always outside by herself completely unsupervised. I really think they kick her out of the house and tell her to stay outside. She is always asking the other neighbors for food, and if asked what her mom is doing she responds either watching TV or playing video games.
One day I was driving back home and saw her down by the street talking to the base maintenance workers.
There is a new playground across the street that should be opening up any day now and I totally wouldn't be surprised if this child is over there playing alone.

I'm not a perfect parent and I dont claim to be, but I supervise my kids and know what there doing and who there talking to and I have common since.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Ugh, let me tell you. We were outside the other day. The neighbors kids across the street were outside playing as well, unsupervised. We went out back to bring our 3 year old to the sandbox. 5 minutes later I hear the woman across the street yelling have you seen my baby. She came running back to us asking if we saw her kids or put them in the house. Oh the nerve.....This little girl just turned 3, like my daughter. I said no, last I saw her she was out front playing with her brother. To make a long story short cuz I'll be here all night. She lost her kid because she wasn't watching them. She was in the house taking a nap, yelled at her son, who is 7, like my son cuz he was suppose to be watching her. The cops found the little girl 2 blocks down. So she could sleep!

  2. Nichol: OMG! That is horrifying! Like a 7 year old is a responsible babysitter. Some parents really just piss me off. And people like that have children and dont take care of them when others who would make wonderful parents cant have children... It's sad.
    The neighborhood parent I refereed to in my post, has 3 kids, the other two are younger than the one I mentioned.


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