Monday, May 31, 2010

New From Scentsy - Freedom Bundle!

Candy canes or stars and stripes?
"With Scentsy’s new Freedom Bundle you can have both! ONLY for the month of June, the Candy Shoppe Warmer is available with TWO warmer dishes, the classic red-and-white dish AND a new navy-and-stars dish for a special package price of $35. Candy Shoppe features high-gloss, red embossed stripes on a white background, with a coordinating high-gloss red dish. Purchase the optional patriotic dish separately and turn Candy Shoppe into the perfect accent for your Independence Day celebration. The dish design features white embossed stars on a navy background. (Optional dish available while supplies last.)"
I LOVE this! I'm all about holiday decorations! I already had the Candy Shoppe warmer so I just order new the navy and stars dish today!

Mrs. Marine


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