Monday, June 07, 2010

Love the Cat, Hate the Cat Box

I have always loved cats. I begged/bugged my mom to get me my first cat when I was around 7/8. I have had 5 cats since then including my pretty little Ginger who is a current member of our family. But I HATE changing cat litter, its stinky, dusty and gets tracked around the house. When Hubby is home he usually does it, but when hes gone I have no choice, I have to do it...
You might think I'm crazy, but I tried to toilet train my cat... If you haven't heard, there are kits you can buy to do it. The kit basically turns the toilet into a litter box, then slowly there is a small hole in the middle that gets bigger and bigger to train the cat to use the toilet. I read plenty of reviews from people who claimed to have successfully toilet-trained their cat. Well, I tried and tried, but Ginger just wont use the toilet litter box once there is a hole in it. Although she is fascinated with the toilet, especially when its flushed. So I have gave up on that.
So, since Ginger will not comply with the toilet training I have found a new solution to end my litter box woes, and its a "Greener" one as well!

Mrs. Marine



  1. I use to have a roommate that had 2 cats. That litter box just about killed me, lol! I would just hide in my room. The smell was just too strong for me. We lived together for SOOOOOOOOOO long, but it was probably 'cause she got the whole place to herself, LOL!


  2. I clean Ginger's Box every day so it doesn't smell and its in the laundry room where there is a vent that's always on. I just hate having to clean it...

  3. Your cat is a pretty little thing ... We got Carli Cat a dome litter box and we keep it in the laundry area as well so far so good not much litter being tracked about...I do not think she would use the toilet either ...


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