Thursday, June 17, 2010

Geckos and Frogs and Pigeons, O-My

A few weeks ago my neighbor S was over and as she was leaving a lizard ran in the door!!! Instantly my wonderful cat Ginger ran after it and caught it in her mouth. S tried to get her to go out the door with it but Ginger wanted to play, she let it go so she could chase it and caught it again. Then Ginger let it go and the lizard ran under my couch. I'm freaking out because I dont want a lizard living in my house!
Luckily Ginger was watching and the lizard wasn't very smart because it ran out from under the couch and Ginger caught it again and carried it over under my dining room table where she let it go again.
The lizard was obviously injured from being bitten because it just sat there where Ginger had dropped it. Ginger was waiting for it to run again so she could play some more!
I got a large Tupperware bowl and carefully (yes, I was scared of the lizard) put it upside down on top of it to trap it. S had the idea to scoot the bowl across the floor to the door where we would scoot it out.
So, I did that and of course Ginger followed me the whole way. She wanted to keep her new friend (I wonder if she would have eaten it if given the chance, yuck). I had to hold Ginger and S managed to use the bowl to get the lizard out the door. It just sat there on my door mat for a while, I'm assuming it crawled away somewhere and died from its injuries. Sorry, that's what happens when you enter a house with a cat.
Thanks to Google I'm pretty sure the lizard was a type of Gecko, buy who knows, I wasn't going to examine the thing to find out... It was definitely bigger than the little ones I'm used to seeing. I see tiny ones in my garage all the time, the more I think about it I'm surprised that's the first time a lizard has gotten in the house.... I better be quite, I'm gonna "ginks" myself. Knock On Wood. I only hope it wasn't the Geico Gecko, LOL.

Ever seen a flattened frog? Its gross, and there not tiny ones, I saw one almost the size of my hand once. I'm not sure where exactly they live on base, but I see flattened frogs in the road all the time... Poor Kermit.

I saw a Pigeon going into the school office today, he must have been in trouble. They wonder into the classrooms all the time.
Did you know there are Pigeons in Hawaii? There all over the place... They drive me crazy. They poo all over everything. The wonderful contractors who designed the housing, were very considerate of the Pigeons, they built wonderful homes for them on the roofs. I hear them on the roof outside my bedroom window all the time.
Sorry Bert, I dont agree with you...

Mrs. Marine


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