Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dreading Potty Training

I need to start potty training Bobo, but I am totally dreading the process. I'm Afraid. I know that sounds funny, but it has been such an ongoing struggle with Princess (STILL). I am just not looking forward to it. I can only hope that he will be super easy and the opposite of her.

Princess STILL pees in her clothes on a regular basis. I dont reffer to it as "accidents" because there not. She just doesn't want to take the time to go and she will hold it and hold it until she cant anymore and then she wets herself. What's worse is, when her clothes are wet she wont even go change them on her own. She almost always has to be told to. Usually she only pees enough so the crotch is wet. So looking at her bottom you cant tell. When I ask her if she is dry, she will lie. So I have started phrasing it, "If your wet, change your clothes". So that its not a question, just a statement. Because she doesn't want to tell me if she is wet. Its not as though she will get punished if she is, I pretty much just ignore it these days. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing works.

So, because of all the difficulties with Princess I keep putting off potty training Bobo. Who knows, maybe once he is going and staying dry all the time she will jump on the bandwagon. I mean come-on, "if your 3 year old brother can do it dont you think you can, your 7..."

Any tips for potty training Boys??? I dont have Daddy here to "show him how its done". Although I know I dont need to worry about him standing up right away. But I think sometimes that makes it easier and more "fun" for boys (I worked in a day care).



  1. My 3yr old still needs reminders to go to the toilet. I started off making him sit down for both poo and pee and later on when he became slightly taller he would stand to pee.. I use the charts from Potty Tots which I paste in the toilet for him to see. I guess it will take some time for your boy to get used to it also..but no harm starting him off now.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I think my JDaniel will be difficult too. He is too smart for his own good.

  3. For my boy - first it was sit and potty. Once he had that down it was cheerios in the potty - stand, aim, and fire!

  4. my son will go on the potty only if he is naked. If he has underwear on, he will go in his pants and not tell me! Why do kids think it is comfortable to sit in pee?!


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