Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Military Life

Do you have the life you though you would have10 years ago? I never would have guessed that I would end up here. Married to a Marine, no longer living in Colorado (that was 3 states ago). Single Parenting while he's off on Deployment number 7. I am the first to admit I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into when I married My Marine. I figured I would definitely be married and have kids by now. So, that's at least accurate. But I never would have guessed I would be living on an Island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! I love Hawaii! Its funny, as teenagers, my older sister was the one who talked about leaving CO, I never considered it. Now, I'm the one who left and she still lives there.... Go figure.

Military Life is quite different. Its crazy, not a week goes by that I dont see a moving truck somewhere in my neighborhood. A few days ago the people who lived across the street from me moved out. I never new them, they didn't have kids and weren't out much. Hopefully the new neighbors will have kids and be more friendly. No one has moved in yet, so we will see.
We have been here for almost 10 months now, it doesn't seem that long, we will be here for 2 more years. Then were off to who knows where. We stay at one duty station for 3 years.

Mrs. Marine


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  1. I have so much respect for your family. It has to be SO difficult, thank goodness you live in paradise=0)



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