Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Military Housewives of Hawaii

The gossip between me and my neighbor today is that we finally saw the people who live across the street from me. I rarely ever see anyone over there. I have seen an older woman with a baby and 2 large dogs. All of a sudden today the woman was outside along with the child and her parents and they were hanging out while the child played in a little pool.
Out of 15 houses I only know 5 of the families. That number could go up to 6, depending on the new neighbors. They just "moved-in" the other day (cant really call it moving-in when I'm sure they dont have any stuff yet). My neighbor just happened to be over yesterday and we were both staring out the window watching to see who opened the door over there while a pizza was delivered. Were so nosy, LOL...
Yup, that's the excitement of my life these days, being a nosy neighbor... Are you a nosy neighbor? Do you know your neighbors?

Mrs. Marine



  1. I think it's good to be 'nosy'! =)
    Wanted to say thanks to your husband and your family for your service to our country. You're not appreciated enough...
    Hope time is going faster than you thought it would!

  2. your post made me laugh. I used to live on base in Beaufort, SC. The base was for all those who were stationed at the air station, the naval hospital or MCRD so it was a nice mix of people.

    I once had a friend call me to drive to her house on the other side of base, because the MP's had her street blocked off. I managed to make nice to the MP and got past the road block to her house. Got there, and we stood in the yard for 30 minutes talking to neighbors until we found out that the wife beat her Marine husband with a golf club because he went golfing instead of shopping with her (it pays to know MP's).

    We didn't gossip much - but living that close together sometimes you cannot help it!


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