Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ginger Has Become a FurKid...

I swear, between my two kids, parenting ALONE, and my cat Ginger, I NEVER have a moment to myself. Even at night after the kids are in bed when I am supposed to have ME time, Ginger is meowing her head off following me around begging for attention.... I prefer cats because there not as needy as dogs are, they usually only bug you when they want to be fed. Not Ginger, she has become my shadow, she follows me around the house all day. I'm afraid she is going to trip me down the stairs because she is right under my feet every time. She is very playful too. So when shes not rubbing against my legs she's attacking my feet and nipping at me. She waits at the bottom of the stairs just out of sight to pounce on whoever comes down. We have a large island in the kitchen and 4 bar stools where the kids like to sit and she likes to sit under them and attack there feet, which causes Princess to scream in terror. I guess Ginger is just trying to keep my life free of boredom...

Mrs. Marine


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