Friday, May 07, 2010

Childproofing with Super-glue

I have several door knob covers on various doors around the house so Bobo cant open them. Places he cant be unattended, like the bathroom. Princess room, because he would trash it and she doesn't want him in there. Inside his bedroom door, if he were to wake-up in the middle of the night I dont want him wandering the house unsupervised. Not to mention, if he could open his door he would NEVER stay in bed and take a nap. Its hard enough to get him to take a nap as it is. He still needs one, he's very grouchy by 4:00 if he doesn't take a nap.

Well, recently he figured out how to take the covers off.... I first tried wrapping tape around the covers, which he pulled off after a few days. So, I Super-glued them on! It worked, he cant get them off now!! Of course when we move from here or I decided I dont need them on anymore I will have to break them to get them off... I dont know how hard it will be to get them off... But its only plastic and there cheep so I can always buy more if needed.
I put the glue in the seems where the two halves of the cover fit together so that I didn't get any glue on the doorknob and didn't damage the door.

Mrs. Marine


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