Friday, April 16, 2010

Start Your Own Scentsy Business!

I know, $99 sounds like a lot, but look at what comes in the kit!
The kit includes 80 testers valued at $144. A Full size warmer valued at $30 and that's not all!! Click the link to see the full contents your kit will include, the full retail value is over $280! You get it all for only $99! The kit has everything you will need to have your first Scentsy party (and them some)!
Also, the Catalog only changes twice a year! Unlike other Direct Selling Businesses (Avon for instance) who have a new catalog every two weeks, so you wont get stuck with a bunch of outdated catalogs you cant use! Want to know more? Check out the FAQ's on my web site!

Start your own Business and Join Scentsy Today!

Feel free to email me at (MrsMarine79 at Aol dot com) if you have any questions and I will gladly answer them!

Visit My Official Scentsy Web Site
if you are interested in buying Scentsy products! 
What is Scentsy?

Mrs. Marine


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  1. How very cool perhaps I should look into this to supplement my current income


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