Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Blog is on Kindle Reader!

I love love love my Kindle! I got it for Christmas (I told Hubby I wanted one) and I have read 11 books on it since then. That's A Ton of reading for me. I read even more since I got it.
Well, my blog is now on Kindle! Its so cool! If you have a Kindle you can subscribe to my blog and take me with you everywhere! :) To get it, either subscribe online on Amazon or on your Kindle, in the Kindle Store, go to Blogs and Search for Mrs Marine!

See what I have been reading? 
I have been on a Vampire book kick since I read the Twilight Saga (twice).
The "House of Night"series is really good!
My last post! I know, I'm way too exited by this. 
What can I say, I dont have much excitement in my life...
Look, its my M&M!
Even pictures show up! Still cute in black and white!

Mrs. Marine



  1. NO THANKS I prefer the smell of a new book and turning the pages

  2. I have got to get me one of those!!

  3. I also love my Kindle!


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