Saturday, April 03, 2010

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye, Leave Already

I had to say "Goodbye" to him 3 times. Once is hard enough.
It took Hubby 3 times to leave on Deployment. The day he was originally scheduled to leave (day 1), we (me & the kids) took him over to the battery office where all the guys were going to get on the buses to go to the airport. There was a bouncy house and tables and chairs set up, all the wives and families were there. It was right around lunch time so we had planed ahead and took stuff for a picnic lunch. So we hung out for a while then had lunch and it was time for Hubby to get on the bus. We all said our goodbyes, took pictures together, yada yada.
I came home with the kids, not expecting to see him for 6 months.
Several hours later Hubby tells me that something is wrong with the planes GPS program and they wont be able to fix it till the next day? What? So, I go get him a few hours later.
(Day 2) Again, we take Hubby back over to the same place. Princess gets all exited thinking there's going to be a bouncy house again, but there's not. This time we just say our goodbyes (again) and drop him off.
All the guys are on the plane and waiting (for something, I dont know what) its getting stuffy on the plane so the flight attendants decide to open the door (they were not about to take off or anything) and when they do, the blow-up emergency slide opens up.... Really?! Are you F*in kidding me?
In order for the slide to be put back and the plane to fly again they need a part from somewhere else. So, again, Hubby comes back home.
Apparently this plane was scheduled to go to the airplane junkyard after it flies one last flight (that's comforting)...
(Day 3) First they say he will leave that evening, then it becomes the next day, then is changed back to that evening.... Make up your minds Dammit... Luckily it is decided that they will be flying on a different plane! That evening, again we take him back (again about the bouncy house). We drop him off and say our goodbyes, again. By this time Hubby is joking with me and keeps saying "Ill see ya in a bit". I kiss him goodbye and this time was it. He finally did leave.

It was a confusing double-egged sword. Yes, I got to have a few more days with him, but it was just delaying the inevitable. Its not like there was any chance in the world that his deployment would get canceled. I had to say goodbye to him 3 times. UGH. Once is hard enough. Not to mention, how confusing it was to the kids.

BTW, just so you know, both the planes, commercial planes flown by civilians, but they were not at a regular airport.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Oh, I can't even imagaine! My heart hurts for you guys. Your hubby is so brave...and I thank him for serving our country! I'll keep you guys in my thoughts....

  2. I feel for you, I know exactly what that is like. Hubby went on deployment in June, we said goodbye a few times and it was all hurry up & wait. It ended up being emotionaly draining for sure after the 1st few times. 4 days later he did leave.

  3. Wow, how draining! And great to know commercial planes are so nice and safe. Sigh.


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