Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bobo Says (Things Kids Say)

A while ago Bobo began saying things to me that he either wants/expects me to say. Things that I would say on a regular basis to him. When he gets upset about something silly, he says "Goodness Sakes" (cause that's what I would say). He also says to himself "Its OK Bobo", (cause that's what I would say). Another one is, "There's My Bo". Which I say sometimes when I pick him up, or give him a hug.
It's so much cuter when he says it. He has recently become more vocal around other people as well. It used to be he was only talkative when it was just our family. He is finally getting over some of his shyness I think, at least around our neighbors who we see all the time.

By time Daddy gets home he will be having actual conversations...



  1. I love when kiddos start to talk and tell you what they want ...for about the first month

  2. My oldest once said to the silverware drawer: "I've told you 20 times to stay closed!"
    Note to Mom....=)


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