Saturday, March 13, 2010

Summer & Winter

We went to the neighbors house and played outside in their kiddie pool and in the sprinklers. The kids got all wet while I sat in the sun! Its March and it feels like summer outside, its so weird. I love Hawaii!

I'm sorry if its cold where you live. It is kinda sad that my kids don't get the experience of playing in the snow and building snowmen like I did... (Probably will eventually) Once when I was little, it snowed so much (there was a blizzard) that we built an Igloo in our front yard! I think it lasted for about a week before it melted enough to cave in. We also built a slide out of snow! Cold weather can be fun too!

Mrs. Marine



  1. I am SO jealous!!! It is getting so close I can taste the spring! It was 60 yesterday, but it will be only 40 today and may rain this evening. And, we are in the snowiest month of the year still, we could still get a blizzard :( I just want to sit on my patio and enjoy the weather, I can't wait!!!

  2. I would love to live in Hawaii! There is only one drawback for me, it is too far from Disney World. :-)


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