Monday, March 08, 2010

Review - Norelco Kids Hair Clippers

Little boys hair is so easy compared to girls. Bobo needs a hair cut, I can just buzz it off! I dont have to make an appointment, go to a salon, hope they sit still so its straight, then pay money for it. All I need is a good set of clippers!
I was given the opportunity to do a review of the the Norelco Kids Hair Clippers.
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These clippers are great! There cordless which is wonderful, so much easier when I dont have to worry about hitting Bobo in the face with the cord. They plug in to charge the battery, which lasts forever (you can use them while there plugged in also)! It has 2 attachments for 15 length setting up to 42 mm in length! As you can "hear" from the video there super quiet! More so than any other trimmers Hubby has ever had! Which is a lot less intimidating for a child! These are really made for kids! Included with the clippers are scissors, a cape, a great little pouch to store it all in and a "How To" DVD!
Bobo getting a hair cut! (He didn't want to wear the cape). Princess of course had to come in to see what was going on and weather or not she was missing out on something.
The Norelco Kids Hair Clippers, priced at $39.99.

Mrs. Marine



  1. I didn't know they made clippers for kids. What a great idea. My son hates having his hair cut and it grows so fast we have to cut it often. The noise bothers him the most, I'm going to look into these. Thanks!

  2. Wow... that is incredible. Bobo was terrific sitting there getting his haircut. I remember trying to cut my boys hair when they were that age... what a struggle!
    I wish these clippers were available when they were little.
    BTW, hubby's got some really strong looking arms!


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