Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Princess Lies

My daughter is 6, she will be 7 in May.
Last night, Hubby was working late. Princess and Bobo were eating dinner. Princess was taking forever to eat, as usual when its was food she didn't care for very much. Which is half of the dinners I make, she is very picky.
Bobo was done and I told her she had 5 more minutes and she needed to be done or there wasn't going to be time for a story after dinner. I set the timer on the Microwave and took Bobo upstairs to play. I had glanced in her bowl and she had several pieces of food left.
I came back downstairs and she said she had spilled her milk and she was done eating..... I cleaned up the milk and stared at her empty bowl... There was no way she finished what was left in the time I was gone. I looked in the trash and there was her food.
She had dumped her food and lied about being done. I was so mad I sent her straight to bed.
If she is already lying to me at 6, what is she going to be like when shes 15.... I'm in trouble. How do you teach a kid not to lie? I'm just glad she didn't get away with it.

Mrs. Marine



  1. When I catch my kids in a lie I do 3 things, one I make them confess to GOD and then to me. We also do Sassy Sauce ( a drop of hot sauce or vinegar...what ever they do not like, on their tongue to show that it hurts to lie). Normally confessing to GOD is all it takes and my kids are in tears with true remorse (mom's know when their child's sincere).

    It's definitely not easy and it's heart breaking when our child lies.

  2. I wouldn't worry too much, Bryce went through that too. I remember one night I went down stairs to check laundry and he shouted down that he had finished dinner. I told him I would be right up to check his plate, then after a pause, he asked if I would also be checking the trash. I kinda chuckle about it now, kids are resourceful and if they don't want to eat they find ways not too. I am sure if you think back you will remember something you did to try and get out of eating something you didn't like.

  3. I think they all try to push the limits with the truth and when they get caught if you make them see that it is wrong and see how disappointed you are in them, that is worse than any punishment you can give them - in my experience.
    They will continually try and you need to be consistant with the punishment and increase it as they get older to fit the lie. They will eventually get over it if you let them know they can come to you with anything openly and honestly rather than hide something and then lie.
    It takes time and patience... good luck! :-)


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