Monday, March 08, 2010

I have a Facebook Fan Page!

Go check it out and become my fan! Mrs. Marine's Wickless Scents
I finally decided to set up a fan page and figured I would combine my Blog with my Scentsy business!
The internet is so addicting... Blogging, Tweeting, Facebook, Myspace. There are so many different social networking sights out there, its so hard to keep up with them all, yet we all try. Haha! As a Blogger I feel the need to be on them all and try and keep up with them all, Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!! I say this all after telling you that I just made a new page on Facebook, haha. I just added to my list of things to keep up with; log in post something new, log in update status, log in add friends, log in read read read.  LOL, I know, I'm crazy!!! Thank goodness there are ways to have usernames and passwords remembered right!? So I don't always have to type them in and keep them in my head!

Mrs. Marine


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  1. Congrats on the new Facebook page... I went over and am now a fan! WooHoo... :-)


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