Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deployment #7

How... How do I tell her again that Daddy's leaving? There's no way to explain it to Bobo so that he can understand. As every deployment looms closer I dread the same things. How can I not. I try to be positive and think of good things; I get to watch whatever I want on TV in the evenings, I can watch chick-flicks all I want. I wont have to suffer through wrestling on TV (Yes, hubby is a huge WWE fan). Umm, that's all I got. We save money while Hubby's deployed. Yeah, those thoughts are not helping me right now.
Its always the hardest having to tell the kids. Hubby hasn't actually deployed in a year. He's been gone for training purposes 3/4 different times but each one was only a month or so. I can handle a month in my sleep.
Its a 6 month deployment that's hard. I am at least thankful that his deployments are never any longer than 6/7 months.
This is his 7th deployment in 8 years. He has done more deployments than a lot of the guys who way outrank him. It was kinda funny at the Marine Corp Ball. Hubby has a ribbon on his blues that represents the number of deployments he has done, it has a silver star on it because he has deployed 6 times. Several "higher-ups" asked him how many deployments hes done, they were scrutinizing his ribbon thinking he had the wrong star on it...
He leaves in about 2 weeks. He has a 5 day flight window so we don't yet know the exact day. I hate that. He's on leave for most of the next two weeks which will be great! At least we get to spend extra time with him before he goes! Also, Princess is on spring break next week! Perfect timing!
Where hes going, its 5 hours behind my time, which is annoying, but we have dealt with worse. That's one of the hardest things is getting the time to talk with the time difference. And finding time when he can talk to the kids. Especially with Princess, she is usually in school all day and I cant let her stay up too late during the week because she has school. So usually she only gets to talk to Daddy on the weekends. We will have summer vacation during this deployment so that will help, but Daddy is still working all day long... Deployments Suck! Why did I marry a Marine? O-that's right, because I love him... The first few weeks are always the hardest...

Mrs. Marine



  1. Hang in there!! You're amazingly strong, and your kids will be too.

  2. You know you have my heart with you and that I am right here for you to talk to and although I don't completely understand what you are going through, I do understand the separation of family. Hugs to you and the kids and thanks to the hubby for everything he does for our country!


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