Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aloha Friday #16 Pets

Aloha Friday
What's Aloha Friday? It all started at An Island Life. In Hawaii, Friday is the day to relax and take it easy. So, I take it easy on posting! I ask a question and you answer it in a comment. Play along and write your own "Aloha Friday" post then leave your link with Mr. Linky and Ill be sure to stop by and answer your question!

Question of the day:
Do you have pets? If so what and how many? What are their names?

A: Check out Wordless Wednesday if you missed her picture! We just have one cat named Ginger! I have almost always had a cat. I love cats! I got my first cat when I was 6/7 I think. Her name was Muffin.

Mrs. Marine



  1. A very pampered cat named Danielle and an aquarium filled with fish.

  2. We only have a water frog. Hubby has really bad allergies so pets are hard here.

  3. Thanks to allergies and a really small house we do not have any pets right now. My parents have a cockatoo named Whiskers that we see all the time.

  4. Thanks to my son's allergies we had to get rid of the cat I miss him so much.

  5. Hi, I love your banner for Aloha Friday.. I might use that next time.. by the way, I do not have pets even one.. I have before when I was young and I forgot its names --- two cats. Thanks for the share.. By the way, here's My Aloha Friday

    See yah.. ~hugs~

  6. I once had a cat named Ginger.
    Now I have 2 dogs and a bunch of fish.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  7. Just some pet goldfish here! LOL
    I'm now a Google Friend Connect follower!Visiting from My Kids Are Fun for Aloha Friday!

  8. At one point we had 3 dogs and a cat. Right now though we have no pets and it's so strange and quiet around here.

  9. Stopping by from aloha friday
    1 big fluff ball of a cat called Molly
    and 1 siberian husky called Toby.
    I am a cat lover, my husband dogs, so we compromised and got 1 of each LOL

  10. I have two cats - Jasmine and Gypsy and a dog - Buster.

  11. Well, anyone who knows me or my blog, knows that I have one extremely spoiled and loved baby... er ... Yorkie named Nano!

  12. We have 2 kitties, named Lacy & Socks. We have had them for 2yrs now.

  13. No I don't have any yet.


  14. NO we don't have PETS but we used to have a Cat


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