Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who Should Carry the Backpack?

The Parent or the Child? If its the child's backpack, shouldn't they have the responsibility of carrying it themselves? The parent wont be walking them to school forever right, who's going to carry it when they have to walk by themselves?
It really bugs me when I see parents carrying their child's backpack for them as they walk to and from school. I walk Princess to and from school almost every day (we drive once in a while) and she always carries her own backpack, she always has. Bobo is in a stroller so I could let her put in in there so she wouldn't have to carry it. But I feel she should have the responsibility of carrying it herself. Eventually she will be old enough to walk by herself to school and she will have no choice but to carry her own backpack. I figure why not instill that responsibility in her now.
I would totally understand carrying it for them once in a while if they had to bring home something heavy (which I don't think would ever happen, this is elementary school, not High School) but I see the same parents every day carrying there kids backpacks and some also have the lunch box as well, while the child is carrying nothing....

While I'm ranting about backpacks let me just say that the backpacks with wheels and a retractable handle are STUPID. A backpack is meant to be "worn" on your back not drug on the ground with wheels. Any backpack made like that would be uncomfortable to wear on your back anyway because of the retractable handle mechanism pushing into your back. Luggage should roll, not backpacks.

*Feb. 28 (To Commenter's) RE: My daughter is 6, I am referring to elementary school kids, who have nothing more than a folder or two in there backpacks witch weigh next to nothing. So its not going to hurt the child in any way to carry their own backpack.
When I was in High School I was a tiny girl who weighed a whopping 95 pounds and my freshman year they remodeled the school and we were without lockers for most of the year. I have been there and done that with having to tote my books all over school and I walked to and from school as well.
I am sorry if I offended you in any way, that was not my intention. This is my blog and I am going to express my opinion because that's why I have it.

Mrs. Marine



  1. What a rant now go check out the kids at the high school, while your busy "whining" look at especially at small girls who walk to school. Like one of my daughters last year who weighed 98 pounds and yes her back pack weighed 50 pounds and yes those where her school books and yes she had to drag all of it to school wearing it daily. And please don't assume all kids have a car or all high schools have lockers, oh yea and for the kids who drag there books on wheels (not mine) I guess you assume only adults have back pain. I really was surprised at your rant actually go look at middle school books, and yes teachers make them lug every day even if they don't use them and don't let me even get started on college books.


  2. My daughter had a very minor curvature of her spine - it wasn't exactly scoliosis, but could have ended up being full blown - diagnosed early in her elementary years. I carried her rolling back pack to and from the school bus. She never wore it on her back.
    When she was in middle school the books got increasingly heavier. The rolling backpacks were banned. I got extra textbooks so she could leave a set at school and keep a set at home. That helped....
    Now that she is in high school she carries 50 to 65 pounds of required textbooks/notebooks/etc in her messenger bag every day all day along with her instrument to and from school. (She weighs 110 soaking wet.) I am NOT happy about that, but she doesn't have time to go to her locker to dump half of them during the day as her locker is no where NEAR her classes. So - I could get her extra textbooks to keep at home, but it would do absolutely no good.... so much for that, huh? Oh yes, and the rolling backpacks which would help her so much are not allowed.
    So, yes, I carried her backpack.
    I would do it again. I'd do it now except I can't lift it. She has a good attitude - she considers it good training for the USNA...

  3. I don't think it offended any of your commenter's, I think since yes it's your rant, but since you leave it opened for reading and commenter's I think some people were just pointing out reasons we thought you might not have considered. Plus I think with every few generations the books get thicker and heaver because we know who makes the most money off of those books.



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