Thursday, February 04, 2010

Stroller or Riding Toy?

Bobo and I walk Princess to and from school every day. Currently Bobo rides in a stroller. The one I have is more of a "Mall Stroller" if you know what I mean (big with a canopy a basket underneath and a tray for him). It works but the wheels are not the best for the outdoors (sidewalks, roads, grass, etc.). I have been thinking about getting a "Jogging Stroller" the kind with 3 big wheels, but I wonder if he will out-grow it too soon. I just read a review of one that said it would tip over with a bigger kid... That would be bad. Bobo is going on 3 but he is small for his age.
My other option would be to get some kind of riding toy that has a handle for parents to push. It would need to have a strap so I could buckle him in. I also thought about a wagon, but I would rather be able to push something than have to pull it.
Any thoughts or ideas for me? What have you used or known others to use? Thanks!

Mrs. Marine


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  1. I don't have one, but there is a neighbor of mine that has a tricycle for his daughter who is about 3 years old that has a handle in the back for dad to hold onto and push, plus it has a strap to help the little girl stay safe. They also walk the dog at the same time. It seems to work wonders.


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