Friday, February 12, 2010

Room Swap - Bobo's Big Bed

Monday we got Princess a new bed! Its a captains bed, the kind with the roll out drawer bed under it, Princess and I call it the "secret bed". So Bobo got Princess's old bed which is a twin size bed! We wanted to have an extra bed in Princess's room so we have somewhere for family to stay when they come visit.
Also we decided to trade the kids rooms (which ended up being a lot more work than I thought it would be). Not only did I move everything from one room to another but Princess's room needed some serious cleaning and organization. It never got fully organized when we moved in... Also I still had too small clothes and baby toys in Bobo's closet that I have finally gotten rid of! And the changing table that I have been using as a toy shelf is now gone also. All his ties to babyhood are gone.... Makes me a little sad when I thing about it, because we will not be having any more children. No more babies for me. But Bobo will always be my baby!

Room 1 which was Princess's and is now Bobo's is situated in a corner of the upstairs which I think will be better sound wise so Bobo wont get woken up as much when hes sleeping. Room 2 is at the top of the stairs and you can hear whats going on in the hallway from that room. Not good with Bobo being a light sleeper.
Also Room 1 is larger and when ever the kids play together there in Bobo's room so we figured he should get the larger room so they have more room to play. Princess was exited about getting a new room and a new bed, luckily she doesn't realize its a little smaller than the other room.
Ill try to post pictures for Wordless Wednesday!

Mrs. Marine



  1. I would love to get a captain's bed for Brooke's room! Such a great idea, so much more practical with kids who have tons of stuff! =)

  2. I always wanted a Captain's bed when I was a little girl, what a very lucky Princess you have.
    Plus Bobo is now a big boy, how exciting and sad all at the same time. I know just how you feel about him always being your baby. My baby turned 19 on the 20th and I still feel that he is a little 2 year old.
    Can't wait to see the photos.


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