Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Its been a long month..... Hubby's Back!!!

Hubby has been away training for the last month and he finally comes home today!!! I spent the weekend cleaning the house and organizing so it looks nice when he gets home! Yesterday I went shopping to get all his favorite foods, the kitchen is stocked! I told him I would cook whatever he wanted for dinner tonight!
I cant wait to see the kids reactions when they see him tomorrow! The last time when he returned from being gone Bobo was so exited to see him he was just giddy, he kept clapping and saying "Yeah Daddy" and hugging him, it was so cute! Bobo is still too young to really understand when Hubby leaves for long periods of time. I tell him Daddy's away, Daddy's at work, but he doesn't get why he goes to work for so long. Princess is a little easier to explain it to, I can at least show her on a calendar how long Daddy will be gone.
I think Princess forgot that Daddy is coming home soon, she hasn't asked me about it and he was originally supposed to be back Wednesday. Hubby and I decided he would go get her from school and surprise her! So I have not said anything to her, it will be fun, shes going to be so exited! He will be home around noon so Bobo will have a little time with Daddy all to himself! Then he will take a nap and I get Hubby to myself for a while till Princess gets out of school!!!

Mrs. Marine



  1. That is so wonderful! I am so happy for you... I would LOVE to see the faces of your children when they see their daddy. HooRah!
    God bless your husband and God bless America...


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