Saturday, February 20, 2010

Family Day is Mandatory

Yesterday afternoon my husbands unit had a "Family Day". It was at a large park on base, there was music, a bouncy house, tables and chairs under tents and plenty of food and soda (no beer, the Marines complained). The funny thing is, in the Marine Corp, on Family Days, the Marines are required to be there, its not an optional thing like it would be at a regular job.
I don't know who picked the time for this thing to start, but it didn't make since. It started at 1:00 on a Friday, kids were still in school. School gets out at 2:10. Not to mention is was still nap time for Bobo. So Hubby showed up on time and I let Bobo sleep for an hour (which was not quite enough for him) then got him up and went over. Then we left when it was time to pick up Princess from school. It had been raining off and on so we decided to go home. Luckily Hubby is not forced to stay the entire time.

Mrs. Marine



  1. That sounds a little odd, but I guess they are trying to keep the families together... I guess.
    Glad you got to see the rest of the families.
    With my son deployed from CT and me living in FL there are no other families in my area for me to connect with, so I really LOVE having the military families in the blogosphere to connect with - I truly appreciate you and your family. God bless you all!!

  2. hmm trying a fourth time to comment using different browser...
    We have mandatory FUN DAY that the families have to go to. Normally the kids are still in school or about to get out. Everyone tries to get out of going but can't because it's Mandatory that the service member stays the whole time. So even if me and the kids want to leave he has to stay because they consider it a work day.. YEAH that's a FUN DAY... lol

  3. They make them mandatory, so that people actually show up. Depending on who the FRO is, if it is a single guy, he pick the time and day per his time off. If the FRO is a family person, they would have gotten approval for a Saturday picnic and asked the CO to give the crew Monday off for attending the mandatory picnic. (My sister is the FRO in Beaufort, SC.) Send an e-mail to address your concerns, that is the only way the FRO will know what is going on. Otherwise, they will continue to do it the same way every time.


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