Thursday, January 28, 2010

Princess is Starting Neurofeedback

Almost a year ago I wrote a post mentioning my suspicions that Princess had Tourette Syndrome. I realize now, I never posted anything about it after that... Back in June she was diagnosed with ADHD and Tourette Syndrome. Princess is a very smart little girl (to smart for her own good) but she has discipline problems in school because she cant seem to quit talking and focus. She gets all her work done, usually with flying colors, but she is disruptive to the other kids. At home, she is very defiant, likes to argue and is always busy.
Because she has both ADHD and TS, even if I wanted to try medication to help her focus, I cant, because the medication can make her Ticks worse.
So far her ticks have been facial or vocal ticks. I mentioned in my post about Tourettes that she was clearing her throat. That lasted for quite a while but she has since sopped that and now has different ticks. She has never had any that completely disrupt here normal functioning, nor does she really acknowledge that shes doing them.
The Dr. that diagnosed her told me that Neurofeedback, also called EEG Biofeedback may help her learn to focus. I met with someone today and Princess has her first session on Wednesday! I'm exited, I feel like there's finally a light in my tunnel. Its a long tunnel because Neurofeedback is training your brain to function better, and it takes time. But that's OK, at least I finally have something to hope for that might make a difference. The Dr. also said it could help with Princess' bed wetting!

Has anyone else had any experience or know anything about Neurofeedback? Tourettes? Does your kid have ADHD?



  1. Awesome.

    I wet my bed as a child. Caused me so much shame and anxiety... even self loathing.

    It totally makes sense to me that the actual cause is a 'Deep Sleep' disorder

    and that neurofeedback may make a difference.

  2. Im so glad you are feeling "hope" and that princess will be getting something to help her!

  3. While I don't know anything about EEG Biofeedback, I have used biofeedback to help with my anxiety, migraines and sleeping disorders. I am so glad that you are finding the help for your darling little one.
    Hope everything wooks out wonderfully... God bless!


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