Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last Week SUCKED

Last Sunday, the 17th, I stayed up till 1:30 AM tinkering on the computer (long story short, computer had issues, had to completely reformat the entire thing and reinstall all the programs on it, took days...UGH, better now). At around 2:30 Bobo woke up crying, I checked on him and he seemed fine and I put him back to bed. At 4:30 he was crying again and I heard a weird coughing/choking noise, I ran into his room and he had thrown up all over everything (blanket, pillow, stuffed animals, himself). I carried him to the bath tub, washed his face and stripped his clothes. Then I cleaned up the mess on his bed and took everything to the washer. ICK... Gave him a quick bath and put clean sheets back on his bed. I got him back to bed although he was not to happy about his missing stuffed animals and having a different blanket.
About 6:30 he woke up again dry-heaving. He continued to throw up anything in his stomach, or dry-heave about every hour after that until 12:30 pm when it finally stopped. It took him a few days to get his appetite back but he was better the next day after a good night sleep.
Lets just say, it was one of the worst days ever. And of course, this happens when Hubby is gone. Something always happens when hes gone. Nothing ever happens when hes home. Its always when hes gone and I could use the support....

By the way, the contentents of stuff that MUST be on his bed when he goes to sleep includes:
Gogie (favorite Blue Doggy)
Blankey Bear (small blue blanket with bear head in the middle of it)
3 Beanie Kitties
Toy Cell Phone
Small Buzz Lightyear figurine (newly added)
His Pillow (regular size)
His crochet blanket
Sippy Cup

Luckily Princess did not get sick too. She was fine. Wish I could say the same for myself. By the end of Monday, I was COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED. It took every ounce of strength I had to force myself to eat something and get the kids to bed. I went to bed right after them. Tuesday and Wednesday I still felt tired and drained, despite getting plenty of sleep. My stomach felt a little weird and sometimes nauseous but luckily that was all. Thursday I finally started feeling better.
I found out after the fact that one of my neighbors kids had the same kind of stomach bug the week before and we had all been hanging out together Saturday night.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Those stomach bugs are no fun, especially when it's the kiddos! Glad he's doing better!!

  2. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. It so bad when little ones get sick, they just don't know how to tell you how crappy they feel and no matter what you do, they just don't feel better.
    Hope it stays away for good!


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