Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day After Surgery

Well, my Breast Lift and Augmentation was yesterday morning. I had to be there at 6:45 am. I think I am doing rather well. I have not slept much, although my pain meds are supposed to cause drowsiness it doesn't seem to affect me. In fact they seem to be keeping me awake. But at least I can nap whenever I want. Hubby has been Super Dad, taking care of me and the kids, he is so wonderful!
I have the WORST cotton-mouth ever... It's from the anesthesia and having a tube down my throat during. It was supposed to go away today, but I still have it. It makes it hard to eat when you have cotton-mouth, the best thing for it has been chicken broth. At least I have not been nauseous at all.
I feel like someone is sitting on my chest. Its really tight and its hard to use my arms. All in all, the pain has not been too bad. The worst was first thing this morning. I think because I had been laying down all night, so when I sat up, it hurt for a little while.

My wonderful Plastic Surgeon sent me a beautiful basket of flowers, the card said "Happy Healing".

Mrs. Marine

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bobo is going to need a "big boy" bed

Bobo keeps looking for a way to climb out of his crib and I have come to the realization that very soon we will have to move Bobo from his crib to a toddler bed.... It makes me sad, the crib is his last tie to babyhood. Princess did really well when I transitioned her to a toddler bed. But I have a bad feeling that Bobo will not do well with the change.

The following article is brought to you by my guest blogger; Suzanne, who's a childrens furniture expert.

Toddler Bed Transition Tips
As parents, we are always looking to find the safest option possible and our child’s sleeping arrangements are certainly no exception to the rule. While all transitions in life can prove to be stressful and difficult to adapt to, it’s important to make the switch from sleeping in a crib to a toddler bed as easy and smooth as possible which is why we’re going to cover a few key points to follow during this change. Once your child grows to about three feet tall or has already tried climbing out of their crib in some way, it’s time to consider a safer kids furniture option that will ensure your child is sleeping safely during the afternoon or night. With any big change, it’s important as parents to work with their children and let them help make the decision as to which bed and bedding set is right for them.

Keep in mind that when making the transition you will want to slowly ease your child through the process and a great way to start is by putting them in the new bed for naps only. This will introduce them to the idea and allow them more time to get used to sleeping in a new environment. Gradually increase the use of the toddler bed as much as you can at night or install rails along the side of the bed in order to resemble a familiar crib construction. Eventually you will want to move the crib out of the room altogether and place the bed in the same location in case your kids associate a particular corner with rest and relaxation. Parents that are expecting a new addition to the family may experience a more difficult time during this transition as they will frequently have to explain that the new baby needs the crib more than their toddler, the “big kid”.

It is helpful to move all crib accessories including blankets and stuffed animals to the new bed in order to help toddlers understand that this new space isn’t such a big change after all. Keep in mind that not all toddlers are the same in that some may not be as ready to make the switch right away like some other children. Pay attention to what your toddler wants and consistently ask them if they would prefer the “big kid’s bed” instead of their crib. While there are a few areas where you can be flexible during this process, it’s important to stick to the same bedtime routine and enforce safety rules for the new arrangement to ensure a successful transition.

Mrs. Marine

Tomorrow is the "Big Day"

My surgery day is tomorrow (my boob job)!! I am exited and a little nervous all at the same time. I am the type of person that it wont hit me (become reality) that its actually happening until I am in the car on the way.
By the way, anyone considering this should check out this forum: Forums It is a wonderful source of information and support.

So, I feel I should share my reason for getting a breast lift and augmentation. I consider it re-constructive surgery. I am not doing it for the "typical" reason (no offense to anyone) which seems to be to enlarge small breasts. I know how it feels to be on the small side of the spectrum, I didn't have much all through High School.
I am getting "the girls" re-constructed so that they sit where they belong and are proportionate like they should be. Due to getting a lift and small implants I will probably stay the same bra size I am now. I am a good size now thanks to hormones and 2 pregnancies.

I am not embarrassed to share this nor will I care if people know I had my boobs done. I am embarrassed of how "the girls" look now. So once they look good again, then who cares if anyone knows I had them done. If someone ask I will tell them, yes I had them done and this is why. I had two children and my body paid the price. The only problem that cant be "fixed" with exercise is my breasts. In fact, they have only gotten worse with exercise. So, I have elected to get cosmetic surgery to make "the girls" look better.

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I want a .com

I have been thinking about this for a while and thanks to Julie @ Momspective I have finally come to a conclusion.
I would like to get a .com, unfortunately is not available, although its not being used its registered and I cant have it. So, I am asking you, any ideas on what my .com should be? I would prefer something short and easy without any - or _ (dashes) so there's no confusion in the URL. Sorry, I'm a little picky. What do you think? What should my .com be?

Mrs. Marine

About Todays WW Pictures

I didn't have time this morning to write about the pictures and since its supposed to be "Wordless" anyway I decided to do a separate post. First look at Today's WW Pictures...
Did you look?
That was Princess when she was 1 or 2. She was such a messy eater and refused at an early age to be spoon fed. Once she figured out how to feed herself she did not want me doing it anymore. So I finally scheduled messy meals (like spaghetti) along with bath nights. She would usually eat in just a diaper, or diaper and bib. That way I could easily whisk her off to the bath as soon as she was done. I have many messy faced pictures of her with her "food body art". Sometimes I think more of the food ended up on her and the tray and the floor than what actually got into her mouth...

I had a fun idea one day to make a unique sigh for the dishwasher, hence the "CLEAN" and "DIRTY" writing on the pictures. I took the two pictures, put them back to back and laminated it with contact paper. My in-laws still use the one I gave them, it sits on their kitchen counter (whichever side is up is what the dishwasher is).

Mrs. Marine

Wordless Wednesday - Clean/Dirty

Mr. Linky is having troubles, if you don't see it leave a comment along with your WW post link and I will visit your blog.

Mrs. Marine

Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm Getting New.......

"Girls", "Twins", "Boobies", "Headlights", "Knockers", "Hooters", LOL... Whatever you want to call them.

You may have read the post I wrote a few days ago about wanting to get a Breast Augmentation. Well, I went for my consultation and I was right, I need a lift and implants. So I am getting a Bilateral Mastopexy (Anchor Breast Lift) and Breast Augmentation (small Saline Implants).
My surgery date is Friday May 29th!!! I know its quick, I have wanted this for a long time now and I realized its better to get it done here rather than in Hawaii. I also need time to heal before we move. So, its now or never.
I went to my Pre-Op appointment last Thursday. I had so many questions that I wrote down in a notebook so I would remember them all. The staff were wonderful and answered all my questions. Hubby went with me to the consultation. My surgeon, Dr. Zwicklbauer, is very nice, he explained the procedure to me and also told me the pros and cons of the two types of implants so that I could make an informed decision. Not to mention he gave me an awesome Military Discount!!!
If you would like to know the total cost of my procedure feel free to email me.

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Ice Cream Cake!!

I love Ice Cream Cake!!!
We had the kids birthday party last Saturday. We got Dairy Queen to do a double cake for the kids! (The blocked out squares were their names) Of course I had to pay $6 per side to get the toys, but whatever, the cake turned out perfect!
Unfortunately the red car I payed $6 for is now missing...

Mrs. Marine

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breast Augmentation, have you ever considered it?

Once upon a time I never would have considered Breast Augmentation. But two kids and 6 years later I am very unhappy with the way the "girls" look these days. And I suppose its just a part of life, but if they look this way now, what are they going to look like in another 5/10 years.... Yikes.
I cant help it, I miss the body (that I took for granted) I had before my pregnancies. I breastfed two babies and now gravity has taken hold of the "girls" and wont let go. There still a good size at least but definitely not "twins" anymore and theirs no more perk left in them...
I think if I were to get anything done I would need a lift and implants in order to get the result I want, but I am not totally sure.

Have you had anything done? What did you get and are you happy with it? I am curious to talk to someone who has had a lift about how it turned out? Feel free to comment anonymously if you like, or just send me a direct email.

Mrs. Marine

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bobo is 2 years old today!!!

Happy Birthday

He was born at 10:47 PM (2 weeks and 2 days early) and was 6 pounds 8 ounces.

Mrs. Marine

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Princess is 6 years old today!!!

Happy Birthday
She was born at 6:04 AM (3 days late) and was 7 pounds 9 ounces.

Mrs. Marine

Baby Bump Answer... Update on Me

Yesterdays WW was guess the baby bumps, here is the answer:

The top picture (baby X) is Bobo, my baby boy. Which makes the bottom picture (baby Z) Princess, my little girl.

Sorry I have been absent lately. We have been getting our house ready to sell. Cleaning, packing, painting, "Its been so much fun" (NOT). Exhausting is more like it. But it is now ready, our first home is officially on the market. We even had our first potential home buyer come by today... We can only hope it sells quickly.
So, now that all the chaos is over I can catch up on my blogging! Also I have a ridiculous amount of emails to go through...

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Baby Bumps!

In honor of both of my kids Birthdays this week lets play "Guess the Baby Bump" Can you guess which one is the girl and which is the boy?

29 weeks pregnant with baby X
36 weeks pregnant with baby Z
One bump is a girl, the other bump is a boy. The baby's were born exactly 4 years and 2 days apart. Which one is which? I'll reveal the answer tomorrow.

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

UGH..... I am in a fog and going to loose my mind...

I totally missed Wednesday. I just now realized it was WW today. Yes my post was up, but I confess, I wrote the 50th Wordless Wednesday post over a week ago. I usually write and schedule my WW posts in advance so that its posted at midnight on Wednesday and so I don't forget. This is the first time in a long time that I did not stop by other blogs to comment on there WW posts and sign Mr. Linky.... Its the packing and moving, its rotting my brain and consuming my mind. There have been several times over the last few days when Hubby asks me whats wrong, what am I doing because I am lost and in a fog. I think I am just overwhelmed and there is just too much planning its hard to keep everything straight. Selling a house to move overseas with children is not an easy task. I am going to have a mental breakdown before this is over.... Hopefully not, but I am allowed one right??

Anyway, sorry I am missing everyone. Hang in there with me, our house will be going on the market on Monday so once the initial prep for that is over I think things should calm down a little for a little while at least... I hope.

Mrs. Marine

Wordless Wednesday - 50th WW

This is my 50th WW post.50 Crayons!

Mrs. Marine

Monday, May 04, 2009

Trip To The Zoo!! - 300th Post!

This is my 300th Post!
I figured the 300th post should be something fun and I since I did not get a chance to post about our trip to the Zoo last week, it makes a perfect 300th post.

We went to the Zoo last weekend! The zoo here is not very big, it only took us an hour and a half to go through it. Although that worked out well for us. Bobo was done and tired at that point and Princess was tired of walking. (We really need one of those cool wagons for outings like that, one with an umbrella). We had fun! We took a lot of pictures, (with our new camera!) here are a few of them.

Mrs. Marine