Thursday, December 10, 2009

M.I.A. Busy Busy Busy

First the whole family, except for Princess got sick, which totally whipped me out. I felt more tired than anything else. We were better after a week, but I have just been busy since and have not had a chance to post anything and catch up with the Blogging world. Its a busy time of year! I have gotten most of my Christmas shopping done!
Princess has been going to a after school Choir class and her class sang at the Tree lighting ceremony that was last Sunday! There big performance is tonight, Princess has her own line in the show! She is the only younger kid who has her own line! That's my girl! Maybe she will be an actress one day and become rich and famous!

Mrs. Marine



  1. Sorry everyone got sick... That's never fun... I think we missed the tree lighting here.... I bet Princess was wonderful and way to go for her getting a line... Hope things calm down over there.. My recent post

  2. Sick is no fun! Hope you're all feeling better by now! Congrats to Princess! How exciting!

  3. Yuck on being sick. Hope you guys are feeling better.

  4. Such a drag being sick. Weve had colds here forever but thankfully nothing worse... so far.

  5. So sorry you were all sick, hope everyone is feeling better. I'm sure Princess did a wonderful job - WAY to go, little one... some day she will make tons of money and take care of you all! :-) I totally understand about being busy... I had visits from both my sons, then had my cervical spine surgery, and am now recuperating, so have done little blogging and very little visiting (see how late I am to your blog). Have a great Christmas!!


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