Friday, November 13, 2009

Things Kids Husband's Say

About 2 weeks ago, I mentioned to Hubby that I was going to take down our Halloween decorations and start putting up our Christmas decorations. Hubby says "since your taking down the Halloween stuff you might want to take the orange off your toes as well" (I had orange polish on my toes). A few days ago I took the orange polish off my toes but hadnt put new on yet, I was sitting on the couch with my feet propped up on the coffee table and he starts wacking my feet with the socks in his hand because he didnt like them because they werent polished.
He's funny like that, he seems to think I should always have perfectly polished toes and if I don't, he gives me a hard time until I fix them. He doesn't care about my finger nails as much, although he does like it when I have long acrylic nails on and there painted (which I had when we met).
Its funny, most men don't even notice painted nails, but my husband does. I now have pretty red polish on my toes!


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  1. Too funny, my hubs would love if I had long painted nails, but my nails suck and the acrylic ones end up stabbing my pupppy. I think it is sweet that yours notices the little things about you!! :-)


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