Friday, November 20, 2009

Marine Corp's 234th Birthday Ball

Last night we went to the Marine Corp Ball! It's held every year to celebrate the Marine Corp's Birthday, which is November 10th. Hubby wore is his Dress Blues and I wore a fancy dress (its actually the dress I wore when we got married, 7 1/2 years ago)!
My hair is naturaly very curly and my neighbor came over and helped me straighten it! Hubby kept saying "Ive never seen you with straight hair", he also said it made me look a lot younger! (I'm 30, shh, don't tell anyone)
This table was set to represent those who have fallen.
-I found this online, it was one of the many toasts I hear last night at the Ball-
The fallen comrade toast:
“Marines, I too have a toast. I would direct your attention to the table at the rear where a place has been set for those Marines who have gone before us. The military way of life is filled with much symbolism. The table provides a way to tell us that members of our profession, whom we call “brothers”, are unable to be with us this evening. It is set for one, yet there are many represented by the single chair. The table is draped in black, symbolizing the color of mourning; the ultimate sacrifice, a table set in honor of our fallen comrades. The single lighted candle reminds us of the flame of eternal life that the memory of our fallen comrades will be with us always. The Purple Heart medal displayed to reflect the infliction of wounds and the ebb of life in battle. The identification tags blank, yet they could bear the name of Marines of every creed and color, and from every state in the Union. The dinner setting inverted, they dine with us in spirit only. Those who have died so that we may live, our former comrades who have earned the glory and have given to us the respect and pride that we, as Marines, hold so dear.”
“Marines and honored guests, let us honor our fellow Marines, who have gone before. A toast to all Marines who have died for our beloved Corps.”

Mrs. Marine



  1. You're so adorable, btw, I have something for you in my blog ... check it out ..

  2. You look fab! There is no way in hell I could squeeze into anything I wore 7 years ago!

  3. What a beautiful post... You had me in tears at such a lovely sentiment. Thank you for sharing such a special night with us. You look fantastic, and I am with Kristen, there is no way I could fit in something I wore 7 years ago, you go girlie!! God bless our military men and women who serve now and who have gone before... God bless America!!

  4. i just messaged you on facebook and commented on the other marine corps ball 2010 that you attended.
    I was hoping you would be able to tell me who the photograher was at this ball. I was also at the hilton that evening and attended the 1/12 ball. PLease let me know as I want to purchase more copies of the pics from that evening

    Mahalo :)

  5. what cute photos! saw them on google when looking up uniforms :)


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