Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Need Potty Training Tips for Boys

I am pretty sure Bobo is ready to start potty training! He says "go potty" whenever he gets into the bathroom. He always tells me when he poops. I have already bought him a potty seat which he wants to sit on (clothed) whenever given the chance. I am thinking about starting potty training after Thanksgiving. I just want to be sure he is ready before I try (I guess you can never be totally sure). What other signs should I look for?

My sister has given me the following Potty Training Tips for Boys (Do you have any others to add to the list?):
  1. Be PATIENT it will take a long time and there will be set backs!
  2. Let him pee standing up when ever he is ready
  3. Let him watch Dad pee
  4. You will have messes to clean up, and don’t worry about aim until he is trained.
  5. Switch to underpants during the day, even if you have to change him five times, he will get tired of being wet
  6. Oh! And incentives are your best friend! I did jelly beans, we put them in a jar and sat them on top of the toilet, one for pee, two for poop.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Those sound like great ideas, that's pretty much what I did with my boys (only we used M&Ms). We also used a calendar with stars (or smilies) for each day that he was able to stay dry during the day, then if he stayed dry for a week, he would get something special, like a trip to McDonald's for a happy meal.

  2. My son did not like the potty seat on the the I found one that could attach with handles with a pee guard - my boy was a short toddler. He peed sitting down for quite a while, then when he could reach with a stool, we would shoot the cheerios or fruit loops. (I know it sounds gross, but it make them focus on the inside of the bowl and getting better aim.


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