Saturday, November 07, 2009

I hate when Hubby's on Duty

It's Saturday, I don't want Hubby to work on Saturdays... But he has duty today. Which means he works from 8AM this morning till 8AM tomorrow morning. The way the command does it here is they always want a Sergeant on duty on the weekends (in case anything goes wrong) and there are only so many Sgt.'s so Hubby will pretty much get duty every other weekend. At least its not every weekend. But he gets very little sleep when on Duty so he will come home tomorrow morning and need to sleep half the day to catch up. So, it kinda screws our weekend. It doesn't even feel like Saturday. Actually it feels like Sunday because Princess didn't have school on Friday.
The only nice part is, since we live on base where he works he can come home for lunch and dinner. There is another person on Duty with him so they switch off with sleep and getting meals and such.
Duty sucks....

Mrs. Marine


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  1. I remember those days. My ex-husband was Air Force. He usually had duties every other month, which definitely wasn't as often, but I absolutely feel your pain! I hope your weekend went smoothly and you have a peaceful week!


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