Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cleaning the Kitchen Sink

Is is just me, or does cleaning your kitchen sink seem somewhat pointless. I feel like every time I clean it, its just dirty again the next day. I know its really not as bad as it was before I cleaned it. It just always seems like a wasted effort. I hate cleaning.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Me too. You clean it and the next second someone pour leftover soup in it!!!!! Ugh. Why can't it self clean if it needs to be so often each day!

  2. I can't stand food sitting in the sink. I'll rinse the food off the dishes and let them sit though. When coffee and wine start to stain the sink I just fill it (1/4 full) of hot water and dump in a scoop of oxyclean. I wipe it down (with little effort) about 1/2 hour later.


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