Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who Will Be the 2000th Commenter on my blog!

I am approaching 2000 comments!! I am almost there! Less than 10 comments to go! I will not disclose the exact number of comments I have but its very close! Because I love getting comments I have created this award to give to the 2000th commenter whomever that may be:
Mrs. Marine & the Tiny Troops
Also I will place their blog badge/button (a link to the winners blog) on my blog for 30 days! Right up front where it will be seen by all! It will be where this award is currently placed. Thanks everyone for all your comments! I cant wait to see who wins!
*Any non legitimate comments will be deleted and not count towards the winning comment.

Mrs. Marine



  1. What a fun and original way to increase your traffic. :)

  2. Great idea! And congratulations on all your commentors... which of course you deserve! :-)

  3. I was gonna leave a comment for each word. So much for rules!


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