Thursday, November 05, 2009

Aloha Friday #9 Daylight Savings

Aloha Friday
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Question of the day:
Does your state do the time change? What is your time difference from Hawaii?

A: Hawaii does NOT do the time change and oddly enough, we are on the later time schedule, meaning it ALWAYS starts getting dark around 6:00 PM. You would think being its perpetual summer we would be on the earlier time schedule so it wouldn't get dark till later...
The local time here is: (I had a clock widget posted but I don't think it was working right)

Hawaii is in its very own time zone, were 2 hours behind California.

Mrs. Marine



  1. We do time change.. however we are now the same time as Hawaii! Funny how that works! We are pacific time zone!

  2. We do "fall" back an hour or "spring" forward an hour -- I always get confused by all that!

  3. We did "fall back". I'm on the west coast.

  4. I'm in California, so I guess we're the two hours difference. I wish we didn't do the time change. Messes me up all the time!

  5. Pennsylvania does a time change and I like it : ) Well, at least in the fall when I can sleep in! I don't like it when I lose an hour in the spring!

  6. Hey, I didn't know that Hawaii doesn't do the time change. I wish we didn't! I'm in Central Standard Time, so I'm now four hours ahead of Hawaii! Yikes!!

  7. We are in central Florida - I say this because some of Florida (up in the panhandle is a different time zone) and we change the clocks. It takes my body a few weeks to get readjusted to the time and I am still waking up at the same time, which my clock now says is 7 AM, instead of 8 AM. We are in the Eastern time zone so that makes us 5 hours earlier than Hawaii.

  8. Yep, our state does the time change. Hawaii is 4 hours different, I believe.


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