Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aloha Friday #11 Turkey Day

Aloha Friday
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Question of the day:
Did you have a great Turkey Day, what did you do?

A: For my answer, read yesterdays post!

Mrs. Marine



  1. Hi! So nice to meet you! We had a nice quiet day with family. We went to Mom and Dad's - through the doors and across the sunroom. It was a long trip, but well worth it. We enjoyed our time and our meal. Yesterday LLB ran over and got some more pie. I think I'll send her over for a piece of apple pie for me for breakfast if she ever gets up - teenagers... Of course all of this sleeping in will end when they go back to the grind on Monday...

  2. We had lasagna because it was just the two of us... Oldest son is deployed and youngest son won't be down here (is in CT with his dad) until next week. We will do the whole turkey dinner when Alex (youngest) and his girlfriend get down here. The Hubs and I had a quiet day watching football with the puppy. I also had made two pies (apple & pumpkin) so we had great dessert, too.

  3. BTW... you have an award at my blog:

  4. Had a great Thanksgiving!! Only 7 people round the table this year, but enough food to feed an Army - isn't that the way it always is ~ LOL!! Been cleaning up the dessert every night - it's finally gone - gag!! After our dinner in the afternoon, we always go to a movie - so much fun! This year we saw "The Blind Side" ~ It was fabulous!! Then home for dessert or leftovers or both - whatever anyone wanted1


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