Saturday, October 24, 2009

What Hubby has been up to:

Hubby's last unit in VA he was with FAST Company (Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team). He had a different job than his MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) the job he was originally trained to do in the Marine Corp. Well, the unit he is with here in HI he is now back to his MOS.
Hubby has been in the field training for the last 3 weeks, he will be home on Tuesday!
This is what he has been doing (he took these with his cell phone and texted them to me):

That big thing is a howitzer!
Its funny, he was actually exited to go to the field this time because he hasn't shot a howitzer in 4 years.

Hubby is the Chief of his gun, which he is very proud of as well, he is the one yelling "Fire!"

Mrs. Marine



  1. My dad is retired Army. He loved being out in the field. My husband served in the Army before we married and the National Guard after he got out out of the regular army. He drove tanks and really liked it.

  2. He looks pretty good in his fatigues and sunglasses. My son shoots mortars really well, he got a metal for excellance. His missed the mark for sniper excellance by 2 points, he was so disappointed.
    He is being deployed in 19 days, 3 weeks in states, then to Afghanistan.


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