Monday, October 05, 2009

"Toddlers and Tiaras" is WRONG

Have you seen this show? It is a pedophile breeding ground. I have been unfortunate enough to catch it on TV a time or two. First off, a mom was giving her little girl coffee. But that was by far the least appalling thing she did.
Who on earth came up with this concept? Hey, lets take these cute little girls, put them in crazy costumes, so much make-up they should be doing glamor shots, give them fake teeth, nails and tans and teach them how to parade around on stage doing proactive dances...
The thing is, a pageant (which is what its supposed to be) for children wouldn't be so bad if the kids participating actually looked like CHILDREN. Instead of looking like the little girls they are, there made up to look like sexy showgirls and porcelain dolls.
The girls are being taught that they are judged on there looks and they cant be beautiful unless everything about them is FAKE. Its disturbing.

Not to mention, the money the parents spend on getting there kids ready to "perform", the cost of the costumes, entering the "pageant", etc. etc. etc., would be much better spent in a college fund.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Yes...I've seen it...yes...I am appauled! It really is horrendous putting those girls into "high glitz" pageants! And the girls have NO concept of what kind of pressue they're being put under! Those poor girls will have break downs in their early teens or have HORRIBLE ideas of what is considered "beautiful." It really is so sad...

  2. It is truly sickening. I know there have been shows that talk about how bad it is but there doesn't seem to be anything anyone can do about it. When we were in Nashville, TN a month ago, we saw they were having a pageant. There were many of these children dolled up and were walking around the lobby of the hotel. It was creepy to see little girls in wigs.

  3. I've only seen commercials for the show, and my first thought was, who the HELL came up with: 1. The concept for the pageants to begin with; 2. The idea to film it for TV; and 3. The sponsors to advertise for the telelvision show???
    First, I'd like to slap all those parents silly! Second, I'd like to find out who those sponsors are, and NEVER use, buy or endorse any of their products ever again!!!
    Sorry, I got a little irritated there...
    Have a lovely day ladies... :-)

  4. Im all about depriving my children, so I dont let themm participate in pagents. They have also never watched tv or used a computer. My children Dimple and Do-da are going to be the future leaders of America. Obama is their hero. stay PC


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